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Heavy Duty Truck Repair

Albert's Road Service is committed to excellence in diesel truck repair, providing top-tier solutions tailored to meet the heavy-duty needs of your fleet. Based in Palm Beach County, FL, our expert team combines technical expertise with a dedication to exceptional customer service, making us your reliable partners in maintaining and optimizing fleet performance. We also provide service to Lake Worth, Loxahatchee, Acreage, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Wellington, Jupiter, Boca Raton and Surrounding areas

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Albert's Road Service specializes in diesel truck repair and fleet maintenance in Palm Beach County, FL. Our expert team offers top-quality service and reliable solutions for heavy-duty vehicles in West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Boca Raton, and surrounding areas.

What We Offer: Comprehensive Diesel Truck Repair Services

Engine Diagnostics and Repairs
Our technicians are equipped with the latest diagnostic tools to accurately identify and address engine issues, ensuring your diesel trucks run efficiently and reliably.

Fuel System Services
We handle everything from routine fuel filter replacements to more complex fuel injection system repairs, all designed to optimize your truck's fuel efficiency and performance.

Exhaust System Repairs
Compliance with emissions standards is crucial. We provide comprehensive exhaust system inspections and repairs to keep your vehicles environmentally compliant and running smoothly.

Cooling Systems Maintenance and Repair
Avoid engine overheating issues with our thorough cooling system service, which includes radiator repairs, coolant flushes, and more to help prevent costly engine damage.

Transmission and Driveline Services
Our service extends to all components of your truck's drivetrain, ensuring smooth operation with transmission repairs, differential service, and driveline maintenance.

Service Offered

What type of repairs can you handle?

Our mobile mechanics in West Palm Beach, FL specializes in Roadside Repairs, including engine, brakes, and suspension.

Do you offer routine maintenance services?

Yes, we provide routine maintenance such as oil changes, tire rotations, and fluid checks to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

What type of diagnostic services do you offer for vehicles?

We offer comprehensive diagnostic services for vehicles, including engine, transmission, electrical system, and more to efficiently identify and resolve issues.

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