Albert's Roadside Service: Emergency Breakdown Guide

Step 1:

Stay Calm and Safe
Turn on your hazard lights immediately to alert other drivers.
If possible, steer your vehicle to a safe location, such as a shoulder, parking lot, or a well-lit area away from traffic.

Step 2:

Assess Your Surroundings
Stay inside your vehicle if you're on a busy highway to avoid the risk of being hit by passing cars.
If you're in a safe and low-traffic area, you can exit the vehicle but stay close.

Step 3:

Call Albert's Roadside Service
Dial our 24/7 emergency hotline 561-475-8052.
Provide the dispatcher with your name, location, vehicle description, and a brief description of the problem.

Step 4:

Activate Your Vehicle's Safety Features
If it's dark, ensure that your interior light is on if possible. This makes you more visible to other road users and our service team.
Place any emergency signs or cones you have in your vehicle at an appropriate distance behind your car to alert oncoming traffic.

Step 5:

Stay Informed
Our dispatcher will provide an estimated time of arrival for our service technician.
We'll also inform you about the identity of the technician coming to assist you, so you know whom to expect.

Step 6:

Wait Inside Your Vehicle
For your safety, it's best to wait inside your vehicle with the doors locked, especially if you're in a remote or unfamiliar area.
If someone stops to help, crack your window slightly and let them know help is on the way.

Step 7:

When the Albert's Roadside Service technician arrives, they will have clear identification. Verify their identity before exiting your vehicle.

Step 8:

Discuss the Issue
Briefly explain the problem to our technician. They are trained to handle a wide range of services, from flat tires to fuel delivery, battery jump-starts, and more.

Step 9:

Stay Relaxed
Our team at Albert's Roadside Service is trained to handle emergencies efficiently and professionally. Trust in our expertise and let us get you back on the road safely.

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